Calf Antibiotic Drugs

Drug Dosage Route Withdrawal Other info
Albon boluses 2 boluses/cwt Orally 7 days Coccidiosis
Adspec       Mycoplasma or respiratory disease
Ampicillin 200 1 cc/60 lb SQ or IM 14 days Systemic antibiotic
Baytril 5 cc/cwt IM 21 days Respiratory disease
BMD 1 pkg/100 hd Orally 21 days Clostridium prevention
Bovimycin 200 5 cc/cwt IM 10 days Naval infections
CABB 10 cc/calf Orally 21 days Clostridium prevention
Draxxin 1.1 cc/cwt SQ 18 days Respiratory disease
Excede 1.5 cc/cwt Ear 0 days Systemic antibiotic
Respiratory disease
Calf scours
Excenel 2 cc/cwt SQ 4 days Calf scours
Systemic antibiotic
Gentamycin 4 cc/cwt ORALLY 18 months Only give orally! E.coli scours
Micotil 1.5 cc/cwt SQ 28 days Human injection safety
Respiratory disease
Myocin-C 5 cc/cwt IM 30 days Mycoplasma treatment
Naxcel 1-2 cc/cwt SQ or IM 4 days Calf scours
Respiratory disease
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