Calf Pneumonia Treatment Options

Over the past twelve months, there have been a number of new antibiotics released for the treatment of pneumonia in calves. We have had many questions from producers on these products and which antibiotic should they choose to treat calf pneumonia. Of course the type of pneumonia and calf age affect which treatment may work best and prevention is always the best medicine. If you are treating more than 5% of your calves for pneumonia, then a review of colostrum management, ventilation, and vaccinations are the first priority. Even the best system will still have some clinical pneumonia. The following chart is a quick comparison of approved pneumonia antibiotic treatments. Please use this as a tool to work with your veterinarian to make a pneumonia treatment protocol for your farm. Also remember that most of these antibiotics cannot be used in female dairy cattle older than 20 months of age. If you have calves and cows on the same site, please store these antibiotics separately than the lactating cow products.




Manufacturer                        Mycoplasma               bovis Dose mL/cwt                       Duration of therapy (days)                        Withdrawal                     
Advocin           Pfizer            2          3       4
BaytrilBayerX(single day dose)           6          3      28
DraxxinPfizer        X           1        14      18
ExcedePfizer          1.5             7      13
Hexasol*Norbrook            5      7-10      21
Noromycin 300Norbrook            5      7-10      28
MicotilElanco          1.5          3      42
NuflorMerck       X           6          3      44
Resflor*Merck          X           6          3      38
ZactranMerial       X           2        10      35
ZuprevoMerck            1        28       21

All these antibiotics have a label claim for Mannheimia hemolytica and Pasteurella multocida. Advocin is the only one that is NOT labeled for H. somnii.
*Contain flunixin (anti-inflammatory) with the antibiotic.

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