Raising baby calves can be a very rewarding job but it can also be very frustrating. It does not always need to be difficult, however I think every calf raising program has had its challenges at some point. There are many different housing and grouping systems that are successfully raising calves. I believe that the following items are key to having a consistently successful program:

  • Have a simple system in place for monitoring treatment events so you always know where you are at.
  • If problems arise, don’t guess what you are fighting but get diagnostics so you know the problem.
  • Have a system in place to communicate with part-time help.
  • Have systems and protocols in place where the work can be done consistently by other people.
  • Occasionally get out and do chores with the employees – don’t be there just to do the work with them but listen and observe. Watch for opportunities to make their job easier (better and educate them with what you watch for and how you like things done along the way).
  • Do not afraid to ask for help if things get out of line.

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