It may seem early yet but it is time to start thinking about fly control plans for this coming summer. Early control of flies before they are a problem is critical to your program’s success. There are a few things that are key factors to a successful program across all farms:

1. Schedule fly control tasks so they are done consistently.

2. Clean up as many breeding areas as possible.

A. Remove as much stock piled manure as possible, keep crust off lagoons, clean up any spilled feed.
B. Clean bedding pack pens weekly.
C. Keep vegetation shorter than 5”.

3. Start feeding Clarify, using parasitic wasps weekly in remaining breeding areas and start baiting and trapping flies
in April.

4. Have a pesticide plan in place for mid-late summer when fly load becomes heavier. Make sure to rotate
pesticides and bait active ingredients.

We love killing flies and we want to help you. Every fly killed in April and May is 80,000 less you will have in August. It is the best return on investment you will ever get!

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