I remember a professor telling me in vet school , that the answer to the problem is usually right in front of you, you just have to look. We talk to many people about issues they are having with a single animal or a group of animals. Often times these conversations occur over the phone and we have to ask several questions to understand the situation. As you come across a sick cow, use the following guide to check ALL these items before you make a diagnosis and pick a treatment. Alternately, if you call us for help, if you have evaluated these items, we can give you better advice. If you would like to have an on farm training on performing an exam and how to evaluate these items, give us a call, we would be glad to train you and your staff.

K:  Ketones

L:  Lungs      Lameness

A:  Attitude       Appetite

M: Manure Consistency       Mastitis       Milk Production

U:  Uterus Status

R:  Rectal Temperature

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