Stalosan F® is a broad-spectrum dry disinfectant in the form of a pink powder, similar to the consistence of talcum powder.

Stalosan F

The existing composition of Stalosn F® is based on synergism, where two or more ingredients reinforce each others effect.  The result is an effective and unique product without side effects.

Mode of Action

  • Antimicrobial Effect
       • Works as an adsorbent – inhibits a wide range of pathogens
    • Active ingredients prevent bacteria resistance to Stalosan F®
  • Ammonia Binding
       • Reduces ammonia levels in the air in livestock buildings
  • Water Absorption
    • Stalosan F® acts as a powerful drying agent
    • Absorbs up to 400% of its weight in water when ammonia is present
    • Not slippery when wet, like limestone

Stalosan F

Backed by University Research

  • Kills > 99.99% of PEDv (U of MN)
  • Kills up to 100% of PRRS in foot bath test (U of MN)
  • Kills > 99.99% of S. aureus (Microchem Lab.)
  • Effective against MRSA bacterium (U of Copenhagen)
  • Effective against other challenges:
    • Fungi
    • Parasites in the environment
    • Fly larvae

Stalosan F® is not affected by freezing temperatures, remains effective as long as you see pink.


  • Breeding – gestation barns
  • Farrowing rooms
    • Can be used with pigs in the crates
  • Wean to finish buildings
  • Trucks
  • Alley ways and loading chutes
    • Use when moving pigs in or out
  • Foot baths
  • Remove fecal material as needed
  • Calving areas – Calf hutches
  • Free stalls
  • Trucks
  • Alley ways
  • Foot baths
    • For people
    • For cows – use with sawdust to add depth to bath as cows walk through
    • Reduces hairy warts
    • Use all winter long – no freezing
Layer Hens:
  • Organic and free range production
  • One application per week – one pound per 100 sq. ft.
  • Reduces parasite exposure – intestinal round worms
  • Controls ammonia levels in layer facilities
Broilers and Turkeys:
  • Apply when new litter is added before the birds are placed
    • Can be re-applied 2 to 3 times per week with birds in place
  • Helps litter stay in better condition longer
  • Helps control ammonia odor
  • One pound per 100 sq. ft.
  • Apply to horse stables
    • Use across entire stable floor area
    • Use in wet areas to help dry bedding
    • Reduces ammonia levels in the stable
    • Bedding stays fresher longer
    • Reduces bedding consumption by up to 10% to 15%
    • Reduces the number of flies
    • Can be used as a dry hoof bath – helps improve hoof condition

When starting to use Stalosan F,® apply to floor once a day for three days, and subsequently consistently 1 – 2 times per week following initial application.

*Application rate of one pound per 100 sq. ft.

Application Rates and Methods

  • One pound per 100 sq. ft.
    • Increase in heavy pathogen load
  • Initial application = once per day for three days
  • After initial application, use weekly
    • Can be used 2 to 3 times weekly as needed

Stalosan F® can be applied while animals are present.

Application Methods

Hand Spreader

Hand Spreader

Pull-Behind Spreader

Pull-Behind Sprayer




Stalosan F Ingredients