I love to read my kids a book called Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes. It is a children’s book giving thanks for the big and little blessings in life. I also love the title as we are thankful for the opportunity to be thankful. As I reflected on the dairy industry in the Midwest, I found many things to be thankful for:

  • Parents, grandparents, and other mentors whose legacy we continue
  • Husband and wives who share our journey
  • Children who bring joy, patience, and hope
  • Co-workers and employees who share our passion and daily work
  • Miracle of every new life born on the farm and the future opportunity that it brings
  • The amazing rumen of the dairy cow and its ability to convert grass into energy
  • Consistent sources of electricity and water
  • Fertile soil and abundant crops to feed our animals
  • Changing seasons and variety of work

We are very thankful for each client that we have and the opportunity to work with you.
We value the confidence and trust that you place in us! Enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday with
your friends and family!

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