As spring comes and the weather turns warmer, it doesn’t take long before the flies come back. While flies at this point are not a nuisance or problem for livestock, this is the time to start your fly control program. We have had conversations this spring with industry experts in fly control and are excited to bring you an updated fly program for 2015. If you need some motivation to kill flies early in the season, remember that every fly you kill in April and May will reduce your fly population in the middle of the summer by 80,000 flies. It’s not very often you get an 80,000 to 1 return on your investment!

The big take home message is to start fly control early and do multiple things. To get the best fly control, you need to follow these six steps.

1. Environmental Management – Reducing fly breeding grounds, including cleaning up spilled feed and silage, frequently cleaning bedded packs, and removing any stockpiled manure.

2. Larva Control – You need to control the larva phase as this is the largest population on your farm. There are a few ways to do this; Kunafin parasitic wasps, feed additives, or sprays.

3. Fly Traps – These are physical ways to trap adult flies. We have new information this year about stable fly traps and placing more emphasis on house fly traps and tapes.

4. Baiting – Baiting is different than trapping, as baiting attracts and kills house flies from a longer distance.

5. Premise & Residual Sprays – Once adult flies are active, residual sprays can be used in the flies’ natural resting areas to kill them.

6. Spraying the Animals – When flies are bothering livestock, we have sprays that you can apply directly to the animal to kill adult flies.

At Prairie Livestock Supply, we are excited to help you plan a fly control program and significantly reduce the effects that flies have on your operation. We look forward to sharing the new information we’ve learned to help you do the 1-2-3 (4-5-6) punch to make summer more enjoyable by reducing the fly population.

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